3G WiFi Router 2100/1900/850MHz with OLED Display and Micro SD Card - VGR15H77

3G WiFi Router 2100/1900/850MHz with OLED Display and Micro SD Card VGR15H77 3G WiFi Router 2100/1900/850MHz with OLED Display and Micro SD Card VGR15H77

Developed and manufactured by Visonicom, VGR15H77 is a tri-band HSUPA/HSDPA/WCDMA 3G WiFi router hotspot works at 2100MHz/1900MHz/850MHz 3 frequency bands with SIM/USIM card slot, OLED display, and Micro SD card slot, based on Qualcomm MSM7225A chipset. It is also backward compatible with 850/900/1800/1900 MHz systems for EDGE/GPRS/GSM 2G network. Simply put the SIM/USIM card with simple configuration, the 3g MiFi router then works as a 3Gwifi hotspot.

The OLED display tells the user the service provider and 2G/3G network, the signal strength , WiFi connection status, users of WLAN, 2gG/3G data transfer statistics, the capacity of battery, etc. so that users can easily understand how the 3G hotspot MiFi router is working.

The Built-in Micro SD card slot support up to 32GB capacity. Simply put a Micro SD card then the 3g WiFi router VGR15H77 can also works as a WiFi NAS (Network Attached Storage) so that users can access and share the files wirelessly. No need to take USB storage or even a USB flash driver for travel!

With the built-in 3g module SIM card slot, simply put a standard SIM/USIM card, it works with the downlink speed up to 7.2Mbps and uplink 5.76Mbps for fast mobile 3g internet access and sharing with 5 users (recommended, max 254 users).

With the quick configuration wizard, it is easy to configure and install. The new version of the firmware is upgradable through the web UI. Also the special emergency software recovery function can rescue the mobile 3g hotspot in case of upgrade failure.


Product: 3G Mobile Hotspot, 3G Modem Router Tri-band with OLED Display, Micro SD Card Slot, UMTS 850/1900/2100MHz Tri-band
Model No.: VGR15H77
Hardware 3G Chipset Qualcomm MSM7225A
WiFi Chipset Qualcomm Atheros AR6005/MTK MT7620N
3G Standard HSUPA Conforms to 3GPP R6, category 6, 5.76Mbps uplink
HSDPA Conforms to 3GPP R6, category7/8, Downlink 7.2Mbps
UMTS Conforms to 3GPP R4, Downlink 384 Kbps
EDGE Conforms to 3GPP R4, class 12, data rate up to 237Kbps
GPRS Conforms to 3GPP R4, class 10, date rate up to 85.6Kbps
Frequency Band UMTS 850/1900/2100MHz Tri-band
Rx Diversity(UMTS) 850MHz/1900MHz/2100MHz
GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Quad-band
Power WCDMA Power Class 3
GPRS 850/900 Power Class 4
EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 Power Class E2
Antenna UMTS/GSM antenna Support, built-in antenna
UMTS antenna Support, built-in antenna
WiFi Antenna 1T1R Built-in
Wi-Fi 802.11b Support, up to 11Mbps
802.11g Support, up to 54Mbps
802.11n Support, up to 150Mbps
WiFi Coverage 50 meters
Channel  1~11(North America)
SSID Broadcasting Support
Security 1) WPA, WEP(64 - Bit), WEP(128-Bit), etc.
2) Open System and Share the Key
External Interface SIM card slot Built-in
Micro-SD card slot Built-in
USB interface A Micro USB, for the virtual network adapter/power charge/debug
Display OLED screen
Battery Battery Type Lithium-ion batteries
Rated Voltage 3.7v
Battery capacity 1600mAh
Work time 4~5 hours working time
Standby time Not less than 20 hours
System Requirement Working temperature 0~45
Storage temperature -40~70
Supported languages English,Chinese(Multilingual)
Browser Mozilla Firefox 3.0+, Internet Explorer 7.0+, Chrome 8.0+
Driver Driver installation Autorun at the first time
OS Support Windows OS XP(32bit/64bit), Vista(32bit/64bit), 7(32bit/64bit)
Mac OS X10.4.9 and Later, Up to X10.6.0,
Sleep Mode Automatic Enter Sleep mode automatically
W-WAN The PPP Dial-up Connection Support
Automatic Identification of APN Support
Automatic Connection Mode Support, Automatic redial in case of connection off
MAC Address Filtering Support
Gateway TCP/IP protocol Support
UDP protocol Support
DHCP Support
A static IP address assignment Support
DNS Relay Support
NAT Support
MAC Filter Support
IP Filter Support
URL Filter Support, the first level domain filtering
NAT firewall Support
IP VPN through the Sec Support
The PPTP VPN the Sec across Support
L2TP VPN the Sec across Support
The WAN port traffic statistics Support and Display on OLED
SMS Web UI SMS needs to be saved in the USIM card
Phonebook Web UI PB only needs to be saved in USIM card
Security PIN1 Code Lock Support
Modify the PIN1 Code Support
Admin Password Modification Support
NAS Micro-SD Support, up to 32GB

Additional Info

  • WiFi Data Rate: 11n 150Mbps
  • MicroSD Slot: N/A
  • Built-in Battery: 1600mAh
  • RJ45 WAN Port: N/A
  • LAN Ports: N/A
  • RJ11 PSTN Port: N/A

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